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Domb triggers ‘millionaire’s amendment’ for mayoral campaign

Annual campaign contribution limits for the Philadelphia mayor’s race are now doubled, KYW reports, thanks to a move by Allan Domb.

  • By contributing over $250k to his own campaign, Domb triggered the “millionaire’s amendment” meant to help level the playing field. He waited till Dec. 30, so competitors couldn’t take advantage in both 2022 and ’23.

The real estate magnate also triggered the amendment in 2015, when he poured nearly a million bucks into his campaign for at-large councilmember (he donated his $130k salary to the School District).

Then-Councilmember Allan Domb in 2018 Credit: JARED PIPER / City Council Flickr

Troupe denies blackface allegations; Mummer doc saves a life

Blackface has been banned from the Mummers Parade for half a century, but defiant marchers have worn it as recently as 2020. Did that happen this year?

  • Allegations surfaced around a skit parodying the Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar slap. Turns out both characters were played by Black people — which makes it more like minstrelsy, Jordan Levy reports.

Meanwhile, a Mummer who happens to be an ER doctor helped perform CPR on a fan who’d collapsed at the post-parade Eagles game. First thing he wanted to know upon waking, per 6ABC? The score.

A scene from ‘Slap Happy,' the Finnegan NYB skit during the 2023 Mummers Parade Credit: WFMZ and MeTV2

RECAP: What else happened?

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Mayor Kenney heads to McPherson Square in Kensington to announce plans for reinvesting the $23 million from the first round of opioid settlement money (11:30 a.m.). Last month the city announced it would use $3.5 million for an Overdose Prevention and Community Healing Fund. Philly saw 1,276 fatal overdoses in 2021, a record high.

Afternoon brings Kenney to the Chelten Hills Cemetery in West Oak Lane for a memorial ceremony for the people lost in the deadly Fairmount rowhome fire, which happened one year ago today (3 p.m.).


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