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There are 52 weeks in a year, and depending on how the calendar breaks, at least half a hundred Sundays. NFL teams play 16 games per season, playoffs notwithstanding, so there aren’t a lot of Eagles-free Sundays this time of year. This season, however, the Birds actually have four Sundays off, with a bye week, a game on Thursday and two games on Monday Night Football, including this week’s tilt with the Chicago Bears.

What will you do with your Philly-football-free Sunday this week? Here are some suggestions.

Yard work. Fall is for planting!

There has to be some yard work you’ve been neglecting; maybe some shrubs that need cutting back or a fence that needs a fresh coat of paint. With the Eagles playing on Monday, you have your entire Sunday to work outside, weather permitting. Get on a pair of old sweatpants, find your gardening shears and get motivated.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
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Watch Dallas play Washington and root for both teams to lose (or a tie)

Just because the Eagles aren’t playing doesn’t mean there aren’t important games in the division. In fact, Dallas traveling to Washington is, in some ways, more important for the Eagles than their game in Chicago.

With both teams 0-1, a loss wouldn’t knock anyone out of NFC East contention this early in the season, but it would be a difficult set-back, especially considering the Eagles look better than some thought and the 1-0 New York Giants are favored to beat New Orleans. Plus, the only thing as good as watching the Eagles win is watching Dallas lose. Washington isn’t that far behind.

Learn to take better photos with your phone

The Association for Public Art has a series called Public Art in Focus this month, teaching people how to become better photographers. This Sunday’s session is all about using your smartphone camera to take cool shots around the city. Chuck Bonfig, who posts on Instagram under chuckseye, is hosting the session.

Watch NFL RedZone and do not get up for any reason

Full disclosure: Until I started writing for Thetelegraphfield my football Sunday routine consisted of NFL Red Zone on the TV and the Eagles game (or local feed) on a mobile device, then tweeting on a third device. Every Sunday, for 17 weeks, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., that was the plan.

This is a good plan. A commercial-free plan.

If you haven’t experienced Red Zone, it’s insane, and an incredible way to watch every game at once. Try it, and you don’t even have to feel guilty missing some of the Eagles game this week.

Kidz Bop! (Seriously.)

Do you have kids and want to be the best mom and/or dad in the world for one Sunday. Well, this is that weekend!

Kidz Bop Kids are at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden at 2 p.m. I have no idea what songs they sing — thankfully my kids care more about super heroes and Star Wars — but if your kids like the Kids, sorry, Kidz Bop, tickets are still available.

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Jamie Lee Curtis is at the Free Library

Speaking of kids, actress Jamie Lee Curtis is at the Parkway Central Library at 2 p.m. to talk about her latest book for kids. The cost is free, but surely you’ll end up buying a book. Just don’t bring your A Fish Called Wanda VHS tape. No memorabilia will be signed.

Forget football. Try Base Ball.

The Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia is hosting a vintage base ball (yes, two words) tournament and festival down at The Navy Yard this weekend. Go get some old-timey goodness, watching men play America’s pastime on a muggy 87-degree day while wearing woolen pants.

Battle of the Bands

Coda is hosting a mid-afternoon Battle of the Bands on Sunday. Admission is $15 and the music styles include hip-hop/rap, funk-rock, indie pop, jazz funk and ska revival, which is not a thing any of us who frequented ska shows in the ’90s ever thought we would need.

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Go to a park! Any park…

Spend the Sunday away from football and go to a park. Spruce Street Harbor Park has its Fall Fest, with all the pumpkin spice your autumn heart desires. This Sunday, there’s a free arts and crafts event with pumpkin carving from 12 to 4 p.m.

Or, go to Longwood Gardens, where you can learn how to care for bonsai trees. You can even bring one home. (Note: bonsai trees apparently aren’t as cheap as pumpkins, as this event is $150 for members and $165 for non-members.)

NFL: Preaseason-New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles
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Change the hue on your TV to make one team look green. “See, honey…the Eagles ARE playing.”

If all else fails, this trick is sure to work! (Note: this totally will not work.) Convince your significant other the Eagles are playing by futzing with the color on your TV to make one team look green. In most cases, your husband or wife who is not a football fan will see a green team and just assume you are watching the Eagles and leave you alone.

This usually works better when the Jets are playing, but since they won on Thursday night this week, the only other option is to ramp up the hue.

How will you explain it when you put on the actual Eagles game on Monday night? Look, we just gave you a way to watch football on Sunday. Let’s deal with Monday on Monday.